Zaharia Ionut Andrei is one of the founders of SteelShield Studios. He is mostly known under the name of "Gheata"


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Born in Romania.

He aims to make high-quality games. 

'Till then, the journey is filled with knowledge, dissapointments, happiness, and courage. The courage to keep going further.

Flash games and SteelShield StudiosEdit

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Gheata created a number of flash games before meeting Alex, such as "The Dark Road", and "Wartime".

Gheata did most of the work for the games in which Alex is credited, such as "The Hero of Idilia"  and "Legends of Verakia". Gheata also worked independently on flash games after meeting Alex, creating "The Battle for Erunia" and SteelShield Studios' second game, Lost in Darkness.

Gheata also created a number of flash tutorials, which he uploaded on Kongregate.

List of games Gheata created:

  • The Dark Road  (text-adventure RPG)
  • Wartime  (Strategy-adventure)
  • The Hero of Idilia  (Idle RPG adventure)
  • Simple Armor Code Tutorial (Flash Tutorial)
  • How to Move a Movieclip from a Point to Another  (Flash Tutorial)
  • The Battle for Erunia (strategy RPG adventure)
  • Lesson 1 Flash basics (Flash Tutorial)
  • API Test  (unplayable API test for future unreleased project)
  • Legends of Verakia/ Verakia :Legends and War  (strategy)
  • Follow The Mouse Tutorial (Flash Tutorial)
  • How to: Object A fallows object B - A.S  2.0  (flash tutorial

List of games created by Gheata as SteelShield Studios:

  • Legends of Verakia 1.5
  • Lost in Darkness

Currently, Gheata is working on a number of projects based on storylines and characters created by SteelShield Studios' other half, Alex. This is shown by a number of drawings  posted on Kongregate before the Art Collabs were removed, which depict characters from Alex' stories ( Danny Blaze, Bren Stone). Hints about it also appear in the unplayable API test.